What is the best SEO secret that you know?

The best SEO secret has to be silo structure

I get asked this question all of the time and there’s not really a good answer to this question because SEO isn’t about finding a “silver bullet” or a magic trick. It takes a lot of research, strategy, development and execution. Amongst other things, powerful search engine optimization depends upon many things like: Hiring the right personnel. Using the right tools for the specific job. Giving away freebies. Proper inter-linking of pages. But perhaps this is my biggest secret… You need to create a detailed digital marketing blueprint that covers who your competition is, how you can beat them, and exactly what process you will need to implement to accomplish the job. What is a digital marketing blueprint? Well, let’s use an analogy… A digital marketing blueprint is to your business as an architect’s blueprint is to your house. Too often, business owners seem to think that building a website is like “Field of Dreams” and that if they build it people will magically come. They seem to forget that it took a bunch of work to build the field in the first place. Plus, Ray Kinsella had to drive all the way to Boston to find Terence Mann. That’s not a short trip from Iowa. Anyhow, my point is that most business owners seem to jump to the end of “building their house.” They want to paint the walls and decorate the rooms before they’ve drawn up a blueprint, hired a contractor, laid the foundation, built the framing, and then put up the drywall. They skip about 34 important steps and then they end up with a shaky website. So the best SEO secret is to make sure that you flesh out your plan of attack. What is your site about? How is it different and better than everything else on the Internet? What are the main topics of your site? Once you’ve answered these questions, then you want to draw out the structure of your site kind of like this: When you use this kind of silo structure, you’ll need about 1/10th the number of links to outrank your competition. But you want to take it a step further. After you determine how your site’s content will be laid out, then you need to figure out how many links each page will need to get them to rank for the keyword you’re focusing on. Because you don’t want to simply create hundreds of inbound links directly to your homepage. You want to spread them out over your entire site. That said, you also don’t want to overdo the link building either because they will simply get you slapped by Google. Instead, you want to create just enough powerful links to each page on your site. So, a major part of a digital marketing blueprint is determining how many links each page will need. Finally, a big mistake that many business owners make is to create the entire site and then launch it all in one go. But there … Continue reading